I am Marca van der Sanden

It was a leap of faith. This time not literally from the ten-meter tower but the choice to work as a hospitality manager for the Eindhoven Diving Cup.

Organizing comes naturally with my experience as an event manager at a financial institution. However, did I also fit into the club that has been organizing this event for years? I was completely unfamiliar with diving. I mentioned the beautiful jumps of the different heights diving. Had never heard of “the dry”. I regularly got lost in the large Pieter van den Hoogenband stadium.

Fortunately it all worked out well. My first EDC 2020 was a great success. Helped by great fellow volunteers, I became familiar with diving and I was able to use my organizational skills for the 180 diving divers from various countries in Europe and beyond.

Unfortunately, EDC 2021 will not take place due to all the restrictive measures surrounding COVID-19. We will of course keep in touch with our participants and challenge them for a special edition this year. That way we stay top of mind for EDC 2022. Because then I’ll be there again.

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