I am Christine Praasterink

Christine Praasterink

Years ago I started at the Eindhoven Diving Cup as an “ordinary” volunteer. My daughter took part in this competition and I thought it would be more fun to be on the floor than sitting in the stands all day. And one thing lead to another. I started in the organization team as Manager Hospitality and I have been fulfilling the role of tournament director for the past three years.

As a tournament director I take care of the organization of this wonderful event, together with a team of volunteers, where during 4 days both young jumpers and the seniors can show their best jumps and get qualifications for European competitions and National teams.


Diving is not a well-known sport. I came into contact with this sport, because a number of my children started to practice this sport, back then at WVZ in Zoetermeer. One daughter became so enthusiastic that she started training not only in Zoetermeer, but also in Eindhoven. To get rid of the traveling and give her every opportunity to practice the diving sport at the highest level, we moved to Eindhoven with the whole family. That was not easy for all family members, but years later we look back on an exciting adventure, where we all, eventually, found our way in a new city.

Voluntary, but not without obligation

The Eindhoven Diving Cup is fully organized by volunteers. We all organize the Eindhoven Diving Cup next to our existing jobs and tasks.

Voluntary work is voluntary, but not without obligation. I see it as one of my most important tasks to find a good balance between volunteering on the one hand and fulfilling obligations on the other. A healthy dose of fun and humor in combination with clear agreements and addressing the team members about their strength and qualities form the base for that good balance. By jointly making plans and taking decisions and allowing each team member to contribute in his or her own way, every year we succeed in setting up a great tournament, in which many jumpers and coaches from home and abroad are happy to participate.

Tournament Director

I really enjoy the role of tournament director. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I find a way to inspire the organization team to come up with new ideas and when the team helps each other and provides assistance when necessary. During the event I enjoy all contacts with the teams from home and abroad, some of which have been coming to the EDC for years. Speaking to the press is also quite nice, and also quite exciting! But then again, how much fun it is when a colleague from work calls and says, “Hey, I heard you on the radio this morning!”