Ursula EDC

I am Ursula Atzema

Slowly rolled in.

Slowly rolled in.

That pretty much sums up how I ended up in the organization of the EDC.

When our children started diving, of course we visited the EDC because it’s great fun, such a big competition in “our own pool”.

A few years later I started as an announcer. Even more fun than watching from the stands. Great to see how such a competition really works. Also nice because you notice that the diving world is actually one big family.

I sometimes describe the EDC as a short vacation: 4 days at subtropical temperatures in good company at the poolside …

In 2018 our Tournament Director was looking for a traffic manager to handle the little things that fell between the big organizational tasks. Because co-organizing seemed like a lot of fun, but I also really wanted to remain active as an announcer, this was the ideal task for me.

We’re looking forward to see you in Eindhoven!