Eindhoven Diving Cup – Edition 2025: 

Do you want to visit our event? Use this form to reserve your tickets! Book your tickets now and be sure of a place!

Price per person:

* 4 day ticket  –  € 15,00 | for the whole event

* 3 day ticket  –  € 12,00 | You can choose the days you want

* 1 day ticket  –  €  5,00  | You can choose the day you want. If you want to come 2 days then buy 2 tickets.

Children up to 12 years old are free if accompanied by an adult.

Tickets can also be purchased at the cash register in the swimming pool!

Shipping and delivery tickets

Delivery of tickets: immediately after ordering and payment you will receive an online confirmation of your purchase. You must take this with you to the swimming pool cash register. Your entrance tickets are ready for you here.