I am José van der Zwan


I am José and I’m a bit like “the black sheep” on the EDC volunteer team. For example, I have never been to a diving competition. I have no knowledge of the terminology at all and just don’t call it “diving” irreverently. So how did I still end up at the EDC as a webmaster?


This is indirectly due to our tournament director, Christine. For years I have been a volunteer with her husband in the national play-o-thek association, the VSN. In any case, it has always given me great satisfaction to do voluntary work in addition to paid work. It gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction. Sometimes work hard outside of your comfort zone, that teaches you new skills. Skills that you can use elsewhere.


I have been living and working in Portugal (Arganil) for almost 5 years now. I have a small-scale B&B there and it is wonderful to be able to meet all those different people, hear their stories, enjoy them together and say goodbye again. In addition, I am an emigration affairs advisor and advisor and coach alojamento local in Portugal (small-scale holiday rental). However, most of my work is taken up as a web designer and SEO optimist. Before my departure to Portugal, I worked as a volunteer in a play library for over 25 years. I was founder, chairman, jack of all trades and was in charge of 30 volunteers. This in addition to my job as a consultant for blind and partially sighted people. Which is also a very beautiful and rewarding work environment.

Webmaster at EDC

That is how I also came into contact with EDC. There was an ad somewhere on Facebook and I recognized Christine’s name. The contact was quickly made and since October 2019 I have been the EDC webmaster. I am still working hard to further optimize the website. Although I have never met the other volunteers in person, I do feel completely included in the team.

Together we will make this a special year again!