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Eindhoven Diving Cup

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Eindhoven Diving Cup - ‘where future stars compete'

For over 20 years, the largest diving tournament in Europe has been held in the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium in Eindhoven in the first weekend of February: the Eindhoven Diving Cup.

The tournament is the result of a broad voluntary and informal collaboration between the Eindhoven Diving Cup, the Municipality of Eindhoven, PSV Schoonspringen, KNZB, the business community, schools and associations, social initiatives and the media. As an organisation, we think it is very nice to see how the connection is sought not only to make the event a success, but also to achieve great results for the city, the region and the sport.

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Our collaborations

Examples of this collaboration are the diving workshops that Eindhoven Diving Cup organizes in collaboration with PSV Schoonspringen for primary school students from 9 years old with a minimum swimming diploma B.  In this way children are introduced to diving in a playful way and, who knows, get a taste of and maybe become a ‘future star’ to become.

 But the Alderman for economy, Brainport, innovation, education and sport is also happy to cooperate with the event by officially opening it in an appropriate manner. An international event like Eindhoven Diving Cup ties in with the ‘Global Goals’ that the Municipality of Eindhoven has. As a partner, the KNZB also contributes to the tournament and guides talent in reaching their potential.

Workshop schoonspringen

The sportsmen

Eindhoven Diving Cup 2020

As an organisation, we are proud that the Eindhoven Diving Cup and the athletes who participate in it are highly regarded in Eindhoven, Brabant, the Netherlands and far beyond… until the Olympics! And the tournament is growing every year in the number of participants and starts: in 2020 about 200 participants aged 12 and older from 16 different countries took part.

The atmosphere of the Eindhoven Diving Cup is described by participants as ‘a feeling of security’. A safe environment, where there is room for connection and in which the stars of the future can develop and improve. An enthusiastic and committed team of volunteers does everything they can to provide athletes and the public from home and abroad with an unforgettable experience. and make it a success every year.

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