Every year the Eindhoven Diving Cup takes place in the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming stadium in Eindhoven. Of course we appreciate the fact that media give as much attention as possible to this event. The Eindhoven Diving Cup invites the media to accredit themselves for this international tournament.


Media will be given instructions on site about the possibilities and rules for the area around the swimming pool (where are you allowed to stand / when are you or are you not allowed to be present).
Media must always follow the instructions given by the organisation, even if this doesn’t comply with the guidelines given in this document. Should discussion arise, the conversation will take place in the jury room, never in the swimming pool area.

General rules

– Always takes pictures without using a flash.
– Do not hinder divers or interfere with their concentration during the competition.
– Do not stand in the line of sight of the diver during the competition.
– Taking a seat in line with the diving board or platform is allowed for the maximum of 1 photographer / filmer at a time. You have to remain in the same position during the entire series.
– Taking pictures or filming on the platform is only allowed during competitions on the diving boards. This is possible for one photographer / filmer at a time. Here too the rule applies that this is not in the line of sight of the diver.
– Do not walk across the long side of the swimming pool (on the opposite end of the boards / platform) during competitions.
– Walking around the pool during the competition is only allowed between the end of the dive and the whistle blowing of the next dive.
– Preferably we ask you to not walk behind the diving boards during the competition.
– Footage is not allowed to be sexual.


For interviews we often have a ‘Mixed zone’. Interview requests can be submitted to the Manager Public Relations.
In case of ambiguities media can report to the Manager Public Relations on site and to the organisation.

Permission for interviews, photo and video registration

In all cases media must ask permission from the sporter for interviews and photo and video registration of individual sporters for public use. Either directly, via the club of the sporter or via the trainer/coach/manager of the sporter. Visitors and participants of this event can reasonably expect that general photos and atmosphere photos and videos will be made in which they are visible. It is forbidden to film and to take pictures in the changing rooms.

Use of footage

The media can use photos, footage and such, made during the competitions and the event for news, atmosphere pictures and promotional items of the event and the diving sport. It is not to be used for commercial advertising purposes. For that purpose permission must and always will be requested.

Application accreditation

Media can apply for accreditation until 3 days before the event. Send us an email via our press contact form.
Please give us the following details in your application:
1. For which medium you are requesting accreditation.
2. What kind of recording it is about.
3. For how many people you are requesting accreditation.
4. What your phone number is prior to the Eindhoven Diving Cup.
5. What your cell number is during the Eindhoven Diving Cup.
6. For which days and times you are requesting accreditation.