Corrie van Tongerloo

First and foremost, I would like to wish you all a very sporty 2021. My name is probably known to most of you. For 22 years I have been a member of the Schoonspringen Zuid-Nederland Foundation (SSZN) and responsible for the finances of the Eindhoven Diving Cup. Since I have been involved in the organization of the EDC from the beginning, I would like to tell you a little bit about the history of this event. Finally, let me tell you something about our sponsors, because without them there would be no EDC. But first something about myself.

Who is Corrie

I am married to Math, I have 3 children Michael, Claudia and Christian and in the meanwhile also 3 grandchildren. Together with my family and my parents, I live on a farm in Leende, where we keep horses, and other animals. In daily life I am a tailor, teacher, housewife and babysitter to my grandchildren. I am a member of the WMO working group of the municipality of Heeze / Leende and I am active as secretary at the Zonnebloem Leende.

In 1998 my son Christian became a member of PSV diving. In that year I also joined the board of PSV diving. In 1999 we established the Schoonspringen South Netherlands Foundation (SSZN), who organize the Eindhoven Diving Cup. I have been on the board of the Foundation for years and actively help in the organization of the EDC. Most of the time is spent on the EDC. Because of the nice and enthusiastic people in the organization team, it is nice to remain involved in the organization and to be involved in the beautiful sport of diving in this way.

A little bit of history

At the first Diving Cup we hosted three foreign teams, namely a team from Minsk (Belarus), a team from Genk and a German team. It was possible to receive the team from Minsk through the support of the Cities Contact Foundation and the relationship that exists between the Municipality of Eindhoven and Minsk. To keep the costs low, we looked for a cheap place to stay for the athletes. This became the gym of the Joris College, where the athletes and their supervisors could spend the night on stretchers. The team from Minsk has been coming to the Eindhoven Diving Cup for years and nowadays they spend the night in a youth hostel or a hotel.

In 2006 we switched from De Tongelreep swimming pool to the new Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. This beautiful competition location gave new possibilities for the organization of the competition. This allowed the competition to grow into a four-day event, where young athletes can gain international experience.


Sponsorship is like a red thread through the event, because if there are no sponsors, it is difficult to organize this diving event. That is why we are very grateful to our sponsors. Many of them have been supporting the Eindhoven Diving Cup for many years. As finance manager, I hope that the sponsors will continue to support our wonderful event in the future.