Today we filmed -coronaproof of course- for the Eindhoven Diving Cup Broadcast Event!
Under the professional guidance of camerawoman Nienke and special-occasion-journalists Irene and Eize, interviews were held with several people who are important to the diving sport. We would like to share a  small glimpse with you:
Edwin Jongejans, Team NL’s coach, was interviewed about how he keeps his team motivated and in shape during a time where we have to deal with many limitations. During their interview, Olympic Games’ participants Inge Jansen and Celine van Duijn shared with us how they are dealing with the current circumstances. Frits Adelmeyer, head coach of PSV Schoonspringen (PSV Diving), discussed with us how the Eindhoven Diving Cup tournament developed over the past 21 years. And those are just a few of the stories…!
Can’t wait to see the interviews? And the pictures of previous editions of the Eindhoven Diving Cup? We are editing all material to have the film ready in time for the broadcast of our event on Saturday, February 6 at 19.00 hrs via our YouTube channel. See you then!