The second day of the Eindhoven Diving Cup competition, beside of competitions on the 1m and  3m boards, there were also many tower jumps. What a spectacle! A lot of oh’s and also ah’s could be heard from the spectators. Really nice to see how all the divers showed their best side again.

A lot of press at the second day

Furthermore, there was a lot of press present again today. It started this morning with De Telegraaf who made a nice reportage and on which many PSV divers participated. Head coach Frits Adelmeijer was also interviewed. We are very curious what will be in the newspaper tomorrow!

The ‘Jeugdjournaal’ was visiting this afternoon. They have followed Gigi and also Ismay and made recordings of training and also the actual divings. Even underwater shots are not missing in the report. This item can be seen during the Jeugdjournaal tonight!

VIP meeting

The afternoon was also dominated by the VIP meeting that was dedicated to “Safe Outstanding”. Speakers from Fontys, More2Win and the Academy for Sport Framework and NOC * NSF have given interesting presentations that are related to this theme. Just like the Eindhoven Diving Cup, these three organizations have been able to learn and improve in a safe environment.

In short, another fantastic day and we look forward to tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!

EDC tweede wedstrijddag

The results of the second competition day

Junior Stars Boys 1m — 31st January 2020

1            Davide Barberi              A.S.D. Carlo Dibiasi        258.00

2            Svajunas Cechanavicius      Kaunas swimming school       157.45

Junior Stars Girls 1m — 31st January 2020

1            Nina Berger                    SV Neptun Aachen         253.65

2            Iva Ereminova               Bulgaria              236.15

3            Talitha Hynes                 Shamrock Diving Club   166.60

A Boys Platform — 31st January 2020

1            Jonas Thorsen               Bergen Diving Club        320.15

C Girls 3m — 31st January 2020

1            Julia Fink                         SV Neptun Aachen         236.20

2            Arina Kopytov                SV Neptun Aachen         234.10

3            Alessia Cappelli             A.S.D. Carlo Dibiasi        230.70

C Boys 1m — 31st January 2020

1            Ben Sharman                 Scottish Swimming         309.85

2            William Ackmann           SV Neptun Aachen         253.50

3            Daan Blits                       DOLFIJN             247.85

A Girls Platform — 30th January 2020

1            Pia Tveit-Sletten                          Bergen Diving Club        331.75

2            Sofia Slöör                      Tiirat Diving Team          295.95

3            Sandra Staavi                 Baerum Stupklubb         287.40

B Boys Platform — 31st January 2020

1            Yauheni Kudzin                           GCOR Minsk      338.40

2            Aleksandr Koloskov                    GCOR Minsk      311.65

3            Arseni Bahlayeu                          GCOR Minsk      306.85

B Girls Platform — 31st January 2020

1            Libby Duke                     Scottish Swimming         271.55

2            Greta Avonius                Vantaa Diving   262.80

3            Simay Arslankan           Turkish National Team  250.05

Women 3m synchro — 31st January 2020

1            Celine van Duijn and Inge Jansen                        276.60

2           Renske Lanen and Lianne Steeman                     183.21

Men 3m synchro — 31st January 2020

1            Philip Sandve and Emil Ruenes Jacobsen            Kristiansand Stupeklubb              261.57

2            Botond Bóta and Barnabás Gacs                         Hungarian National Team          257.13

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