The clock for the new year has counted down! But for the organisation of the Senet Diving Cup, the countdown has now begun in earnest! Less than a month and this event will start! Next to the competitions, which of course are the main part of this event, there are lots of other side events.

VIP event

Friday afternoon the VIP event of the SDC will take place. We organise this event for companies in the neighbourhood and for our sponsors. The importance of climate versus top sport will take center place. It’s promising to be an interesting meeting with a visit to a place where we normally would not be allowed to go!

Meet & greet

Saturday evening has been reserved for our yearly Meet & Greet with our sporters, coaches and volunteers. It’s good to be able to see each other informally. We have chosen a fun theme. We’re sure it will be talked about for a bit!

World record attempt ‘Most cannon ball dives at the same time’

Sunday afternoon at 12.30 pm we will attempt to break the world record for making the most cannon ball dives at the same time. Anyone who wants to join in, can sign up via If you participate, you will be allowed free acces to the competition during the day for you and your family. And who knows, you might win one of the prizes available!