We would like to invite you to our VIP event on Friday 1st Febuary. It is a special event; the Diving Cup is celebrating its 20th anniversary!


We are inviting a wider audience than usual to our VIP event. We want to have a reunion, to share memories, to meet old friends and acquintances and to meet new people who share the same passion. Were you there when the Diving Cup was first held? Do you want to revisit the past? Save the date and be there! Do you know people who should be here as well? Please let them know they can sign up!

The influence of technic

However, we do not only want to be nostalgic. Let’s set our sights to the future as well. Swimming faster, jumping higher, that’s a question of practice makes perfect and… technological advancement. But how? By using scientific research. Where does that take place? Here in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. We will show you how this works.


Let us greet you with refreshments Friday afternoon. Then we’ll take you on a journey, back in time and to the future! The world of science and achievements is more futuristic and innovative than you know!


Following the official programm, we will visit the pool to watch one of the finals of the international top divers. We will conclude our VIP event with drinks and a snack.

Sign up

We hope to see you. We are busy with the final details of the programm. Of course you can sign up now. You will receive the official invitation when it is finalized. Registration is possible via our form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Hospitality Manager Puei-Tchuan Sun. She can be reached via hospitality@eindhovendivingcup.nl.

See you Friday 1st February!